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Zero88 BetaPack2 6 way DMX dimmer

Zero88 6way DMX dimmer

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£20.00per week (ex.VAT)

The Zero 88 Betapack 2 dimmer pack is a 4U high professional six channel power controller, capable of driving up to 10 Amps of lighting loads per channel.


  • Six 10A channels with paired 15A outlets

  • Selectable DMX start address

  • Channel protection via breakers or fuses

  • Neon fuse blown indicators

  • Lighting loads may be resistive or inductive

  • 63A single phase trailing cable

  • Can be adapted to 32A, 16A or 13A input

  • 5pin XLR in/out for DMX data

  • 10v Analogue input also available


  • Flightcase

  • Spare fuses

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